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// Manifesto fever

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

The run up to a general election acts as a strategic focus for think-tanks, public institutions and trade bodies, who publish their own manifestos by way of a gentle lobby. The Centre for Cities Urban Manifesto is a good example of this. In the same spirit, here are my five elements that every town and city should think about:

1. Integrate places and people - make community involvement in planning, development, economics and wellbeing central to all policy making, through deliberative democracy.

2. Repurpose high streets to places for learning, for making connections, for making and doing, and for living.

3. Plant. Everywhere.

4. Recognise that there are no successful places until pockets of poverty and inequality in towns and cities are addressed. Start with ensuring the transport system is equitable, ensuring people can get to jobs, services and town centres easily and cheaply.

5. Understand all places in relation to the region and the country and equalise the power to make local policy through greater devolution.

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