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Market Audit    

With direct experience of turning markets around, we now employ our expertise to advise local authorities and market operators across the country, providing practical recommendations to effect rapid change.


We give you a detailed understanding of your street or indoor market at the current time, leading to a series of recommendations to present to board directors for action.

The focus of the audit is on the economic development of markets; however, if there are strategic objectives or specific aspects of culture change that the market leadership team are struggling to deliver, we can change the aim of the survey to troubleshoot this issue. Tasks comprise any or all of the following, as needed:

  • Initial first impressions and photo essay

  • Comprehensive audit of market including:

    • Look and feel

    • Pricing

    • Footfall

    • Security

    • Mystery shopper

    • Trader interviews

  • Summary of market experience including

    • Accessibility and parking arrangements

    • Customer experience – entertainment and activity, opportunities to dwell

    • Broader retail context

  • Competitor and SWOT analysis

    • Analysis of the main competitors to the market

    • Key opportunities for growth

  • Customer surveys including

    • Origin/destination

    • Demographic data

    • General views of market, likes and dislikes

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