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Understanding what makes an area unique is a vital part of promoting it to outsiders. It colours your messages, the way you communicate, helps you picture who you're trying to attract and why, and provides the development team, the community or your members with a common language and vision for your area.

BAS Consultancy is less interested in logos and colour schemes than in the essence of your place. Every place has one, and it's both your history and your future.  There is often a surprising consensus if you involve everyone on what these key elements are that make your place special, a combination of the folklore, the shared characteristics, the local characters. 


We will run a process which provides your stakeholders with an engaging way of tapping into all this, leaving you with an authentic reflection of your area. Typical outputs for a project of this nature include:


  • Illustrative representations of contributions: photo essays, object library, oral histories. These resources can contribute to physical branding assets 

  • Key themes which came out of the consultation and how these can be used in the promotion of the area

  • Important messages about the area that form the basis of your promotional strategy and analysis of the associated markets

  • Promotional plan to be delivered across platforms, from events and festivals to comms and marketing.

Where new places and developments are being created, branding exercises which fail to draw from the character of the surrounding area miss the point. But involvement of local voices is key, and to achieve buy-in, developers must be as inclusive as possible. This is all the more important where BIDs or local authorities engage in a town rebrand - whilst these exercises are delivered with the best of intentions, they so often underestimate the degree to which local communities feel ownership over their place.

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